Analysis of Irisimmunological Complications of Diabetes

Diabetic complications is a major cause of death of diabetic patients. Temperament characteristics of genetic and environmental factors causing diabete complications were analyzed by an iris immune method with iridology. Organic relationships to diabetic complications were presented in the iris furrow by the reflection area. Twenty-seven patients with diagnosed diabetes were participated in this study for iris shot iris analysis. In the iris areas significant characteristics were indicated. Lesion sine patients at pancreas was 63%, toxin sine colon was 54%, density sine heart was 26%, furrow liver was 33%, circular skin zone was 70%. Also kidney indication was 29% and bladder 29%, and liver, lung, brain were 27% each. In conclusion, the onset of major institutions of diabetes were pancreas, kidney, bladder and liver. The average value of the iris change ratio was 7 or more. Mutual aid organs; That of heart and lung were 5 or more, Blood circulation in the area of iris was 3-5. Correlation of human organs and diabetic complications could be analyzed by the iris immunity method.


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