The prevalence of iridological signs in individuals with Diabetes Mellitus

Objective: To verify the prevalence of iridologic signs, such as the pancreas sign and the Cross of Andreas, in individuals with Diabetes
mellitus and the association of these signs with three risk factors for the disease: obesity, sedentarism and heredity.
Methods: Collection occurred from April to June, 2006, involving 97 individuals over 30 years of age with Diabetes mellitus, cared for at Centro de Sa´de Escola Geraldo de Paula Souza¶, Sªo Paulo.
After having their irises analyzed, the adjusted prevalence of the pancreas sign and the Cross of Andreas was observed, with 98% and 89%, respectively. There were significant associations (p < 0.001) between obesity, sedentarism and family history for diabetes with both signs studied.
Evidence shows data of interest for the preventive area and the necessity for new studies.

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