A Method For Identifying Nidus In The Iridology

Iridology has developed more than 100 years, the iris can reflect a
person”s state of health and systemic disease. In this paper we present a
method to identify and discriminate the signature information in iris
images. We use Canny edge detector to locate the partial edge of lacuna.
We then use curve fitting method to identify the elliptic lacuna. The
experimental results show that we can identify iris pattern automatically
and efficiently. The proposed method had tested on 14 images, 5 of them
contain lacuna area and 9 contain false lacuna area. We had achieved
identification rate 85.2% and miss identification rate 29.4%. The goal of
this paper is to detect the location of open or closed patterns in iris.

Reference: http://www.airitilibrary.com/Publication/alDetailedMesh?docid=U0078-0601201112112911

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