Expert System Design Detects Organ Oral Diseases With Web-Based Iridology Diagnosis


Expert systems are systems that represent expert human knowledge in a particular field to a computer designed to help solve a problem like an expert. With this expert system is expected to lay people able to solve their own problems or simply just looking for information without having to meet with an expert in their field. Iridology is a science that is able to see the condition of the human body only through the iris of the eye. If one part of the human body is unhealthy, the relationship between the affected part of the body and the eye will be disrupted, resulting in a scar or a certain mark on the iris. Iridology is now one of the emerging sciences and is being used by medicinal experts, especially herbal medicine. There are many ways to diagnose human body illness but the cost is very big. The purpose of this research is to design an expert system that can detect the disease of body organs and its solution for internet users.

Dedek Indra Gunawan HTS

Download full abstract: 1292-2258-1-SM



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