The smart device for healthcare service: Iris diagnosis application

We have developed an iridology application for predicting a person health through analysis of iris image. Commonly for commercial purpose, it used Desktop-PC, but we embedded it on Android-based Smartphone. The objective of this research is to find out whether healthcare application that providing direct diagnosis from real-time capturing image can be carried out through mobile phone in general. For that purpose, we developed other version of application that run on windows mobile and windows operating system. The algorithm and structure of the application is made as closely as possible with a previous application. Those applications have been tested on different environment, such as operating system, programming language, and mobile device. The device tested with regard to product maker, processor speed, screen size, storage size, and image retrieval using built-in camera. Although the results can be predicted that the used device with high specifications will be faster to process image analysis, better to obtain images, clearly in displaying images, however finding out the low limit of requirement for running the application is essential. It is found using low camera specification to take the image of iris is not recommended. Additional macro lens causes difficulty when taking a picture. Processing of iris image to predict health condition could be handled by 1 GHz processor, 512 internal memories, and 3.5 inches screen size, even it used low-end product.


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