Study on the clinical application of Iridological Constitution to the Gynecological disease diagnose


This study was performed to investigate the relation between Iridological constitution and Gynecological disease. Iris is one of the most complicated part of our bodies. It reflects perfectly organ’s status, toxic accumulation, person’s characteristics and healing effects. Many signs of Iridology were closely researched to examine the relation between Iridology and disease. After studying these matters, we could find that lacuna and auto-nerve wreath are intimately related. Especially the portions of auto-nerve wreath loss are accorded with the organ’s present illness. Most of patients have scurf ring and vessel congestion sign. Large Intestine’s structure also shows us the meaningful result that ballooned is the most common, spasticity and stricture are next. Connective tissue weakness constitution is 39.22%, complex 35.29% and blood-originated 25.49%. According to the three-step constitution by the Genetic facter, average type is 52.94%, weak type 35.29% and strong type 11.76%. Above these results, we can reach a conclusion that Iridological constitution are intimately related with Gynecological disease. And further study are requested to get a objectivity in a Gynecological diagnose. Iridology is a bright prospective study and interesting diagnostic method. If we deeply investigate this science, before long we can have a great outcome and more objective diagnostic skill.




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