Methodology of iris image analysis for clinical diagnosis


Healthcare has been a matter of concern for centuries as far as diagnostic techniques for human development are concern. These techniques have been evolving through the ages and human beings have become selective towards cheaper and convenient ones (convenient according to that period of scientific development). But in this selection process we suppress the rare scientific techniques which are no more popular but still exist in our society. This paper is a attempt to collaborate our ancestral knowledge with modern science to make diagnostic techniques more efficient, rapid and user friendly. The main idea is to combine IRIDOLOGY and Image processing with its scientific reasons to open up a new research field and healthcare diagnostic technique. Implementing this method practically requires special image processing where iris feature extraction plays a crucial role. In this paper we study Iridology, a branch of medical science and develop a methodology to implement synergy on image processing with it. This paper will explain the work of image processing of the iris image, the effects of various parameters of algorithm, different image acquisition system specifications, various environments and different sizes of images.
Date of Conference: 7-8 Nov. 2014

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