Taking the case in homeopathy is based on the telling of the symptoms of the patient, but in specific cases where it is not possible to use the verbal description of symptoms is necessary to use a tool to obtain objective signs that facilitate to choose a remedy. It is proposed to recognize iridology as semiological tool in homeopathy and iridology signs that describe when used in making the case in homeopathy allow discussion of special cases where only objective signs can be used. A descriptive study, a review of available literature was performed, and taking as reference the valuation model of visual signs proposed by Dr. Jurg in the article “Understanding Homeopathy by Images” the coincidence between homeopathic principles and iridology was established : vital energy, individuality, miasmático and action and
reaction; validation of iridology signs described by the model of 4 steps: delimitation, decomposition, correlation and
integration; and the type of correlation was observed between the visual signs useful for homeopathy and iridology provided by; finally
the match between homeopathic constitutions and constitutions densities and iridology, homeopathic miasma and signs and specific constitutions iridology and between the concept described tropism for some homeopathic medicines with the concept of iridology
topography described. It is concluded that iridology can be used as a tool in homeopathy semiológica also allowing monitoring of treatment, verifiable by the variation of some signs in the iris; also homeopaths should master the concepts of constitution,
density, and topography iridian for proper iridoscopia that meets the objectives of making the case in homeopathy. Finally a manual needed to learn about iridology and observation technique for homeopaths concepts are drafted.
Download Full Abstract (Spanish): Iridologia-homeopatia-Cesar-Avellaneda-AM
Special note the author of this abstract, Thanks for leaving out credits to Prof. Bryan K. Marcia for using his constitutional eye images in your abstract without any mention..

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