Healthy and Cardiac People Iris Classification by use of B-spline Wavelet Decomposition

Anca Discant, Simina Emerich, Eugen Lupu and Sorina Demea

1st International Conference on Advancements of Medicine and Health Care through Technology, MediTech2007,

Abstract Human eye iris acts as a mirror into the body’s state of health and it contains some data about our genetically inherited tendencies, congestion and predispositions toward inherent health patterns. Thus, we want to study if it is possible to determine if a person have an issue, just looking at its iris. Based on wavelet techniques and artificial intelligence, we propose a classification of iris images originally from persons with a cardiovascular disease. In our study we use different wavelet and scaling functions, including the recent discovered family of fractional B-splines.

Download full abstract: _2007_Meditech_ADiscant

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