ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to analyze some images recorded to process images that contained human iris, to identify the information contained in the iris circular zone and to remove the insignificant information about pupil and external zone of the iris.

We focus on image analysis and image enhancement by image filtering, edge detection and morphological operations like dilation and filling, but also we developed an approach that detects the center of a region.

Using these operations we can isolate only the important colored information about iris area which then may be used in other image processing algorithms needed for some classification of the iris.

Read Full Abstract: _2006_Comm_AncaDiscant

Anca Discant

Sorina Demea

Carol Rus

1 Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Basis of Electronics Department, Str.Baritiu 26-28, 400027 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2 “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Str. Emil Isac 13, 400023 Cluj-Napoca, Romania


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