Health is a very important factor in everyday life, because with a healthy body then everyone can run its activities. To know the condition of the tube, one must consult with health personnel so that it takes cost and time large enough to know the condition of his health. For that with the application of disease detection system through iris eye by mengguanakan matlab simulation can help to know the condition of health quickly and easy. The detection of the disease through the iris can be done, this is because the eye is connected with other body parts by billions of nerves and energy flow. If one part / one body function is unhealthy or ill, then the relationship between the affected part of the body with the eyes disturbed, resulting in the occurrence of a scar or a particular mark on the iris of the eye. With image processing techniques and pattern recognition using watershed algorhytm then, the image of the scar or the iris part of the disorder can be detected by the type of disease by comparing with the eye pattern on iridiology map. The disease detection process in this test is still limited to hypertensive disease, this is because the number of hypertensive patients is large and this disease will be a symptom for other types of diseases. so hopefully with this application can help someone to know the condition of tubunya as soon as possible. Testing process involving 10 patients who had clinical hypertension inactivated after taking pictures of iris pattern using a smartphone, seen 5 people of which can be detected hypertension after using this application, so this test resulted in accuracy of 50%.

Mia Rosmiati, Simon Siregar

Download Full Abstract: 687-1618-1-SM

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