Detect Disorders In Stomach Organs Through Iris Eyes Using Backpropagation Neural Network Methods


Stomach is the most digestive organs most susceptible to disease caused by increased production of stomach acid due to the wrong diet. Many people who sometimes neglect even underestimate this, but if it continues to be left will lead to death. Therefore it is necessary examination to determine whether or not the disorder of the stomach organs. One practical way to check it is through the iris or called iridology. Iridology as a science is based on an analysis of the iris arrangement. Specifically iris has specific advantages, which can record all the conditions of the organ, body construction, and psychological conditions. In this final project will be created a system capable of detecting the presence or absence of interference in the stomach organs in a person’s body. The working system of this software is taking an eye image offline from the camera device. Then the system is able to perform feature extraction with Principal Component Analysis (PCA) method and classify it using Backpropagation Neural Network. From the test results, it can be concluded that this system is very good to do the classification process with a hidden layer and able to produce accuracy up to 87.5% of 40 iris image data.

Aisyah Kumala Dewi, Astri Novianty, Tito Waluyo Purboyo

Download Full Abstract: 3386-6357-1-SM

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