Correlation between anxiety and stress rings

Anxiety has been much studied by psychosomatic and psychoneuroimmunology areas and has been pointed out as
a predisposing factor in numerous diseases. This suggests that minimizing anxious behaviors would the health. The analysis of the iris allows to determine the personality characteristics of the individual. Among the various signs studied by iridology, the voltage rings are related to anxiety.
The objective of this study is to compare the Results of the Trait Anxiety Inventory (IDATE) with iris analysis (number of stress rings).
The research was carried out in the months of September and October 2008, with all the members of the Study Group
in Alternative and Complementary Practices in Health of the Nursing School of the University of São Paulo. There was
correspondence between the iris and the inventory in 75% of the population and the correlation Spearman pointed out a positive and significant correlation between the Anxiety Inventory score (IDATE) and the quantity and classification of the tension rings. This result suggests that the presence of these signs in the iris indicates a greater predisposition for anxiety.

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