A Study on autoimmune diseases through Iridology

While the effect of alternative therapy in the disease treatment and prevention has been scientifically verified, the western nations pay attention to the study of the alternative therapy because the western medicine admits its limit. The prevention of Iridology and its preliminary diagnosis is meaningful in the aspect of the diagnosis and prevention of the autoimmune disease. If symptoms of the disease is measured by Iridology analyzer preliminarily, the treatment based on lower costs will be possible, and patients will be safer from the risk of complications in case of liver disease compared to the treatment after an attack of the disease. Research was performed for 3 months from June 1 2009 to September 30 2009, and research subjects were total 230 people; 101 males and 129 females over aged 30~50 who resided in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. Research revealed that the passage of the hub and spoke, the coloration of liver and hereditary lesion of liver disease patients were higher than those of normal people. It shows that the passage phenomenon of hub and spoke, coloration and hereditary lesion appeared in the liver disease clients.
Download abstract: 1r200081_pv

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