The Diagnosis of the iris according to the iris constitution-Centered on skin area


The purpose of this study is to investigate whether there is a difference in the incidence of the black circle border of iris(skin disease) according to the iris constitution. Iris was taken for 100 adults living in Seoul. Iris was photographed using the iris camera DV-2H, a blue focus development product. Statistical significance was tested by correlation analysis, and the occurrence of black circle border of iris was low negative correlation(p<0.01). As mentioned above, we know that the occurrence of black circle border of iris differs according to the iris constitution, and by using it actively, it will help health promotion about skin. There is a need to study the changes of iris in the cause of skin disease by using a blood test to analyze the cause of the skin disease in the future.

Jeong, Hyeong Yong;Kwon, Byong An

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