Study On Alzheimer’s Disease using Image Processing

Abstract—In this study we describe how to detect the presence of Alzheimer’s disease with the help of image processing. The data used are iridology images which are collected from subjects with and without Alzheimer’s disease,that studies the alterations of the iris in correspondence with the organs of the human body.This is done with the help of certain mathematical models based on specialized software called Matlab. For this we have: i)The Fourier Transform to normalize the image; ii) The Hough Transform to locate circles in an image.Which helps to determine the characteristics of the iris establishing criteria or patterns to determine the existence or non existence of Alzheimer’s disease(AD).


In order to carry out detection tests on the diagnosis, an iridology image is taken, then the digital processing analysis is done on it and in this way the required characteristics for the analysis of the specifications are obtained.In this paper,we presented how images analysis can be used to detect the presence of AD at the early stage in short time and cost efficient manner.The relations between imaging and AD were captured using SVM base learner.Our future extension includes the proposed model can be widely used to detect other neurological diseases.

Download Abstract: Study_on_Alzheimers_disease_using_Image.pdf

Alina Nibu Mathew, Jeena Mariya Kuriakose, Sethulakshmi Haridas, Sani JohnECE Department Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology Vazhakkulam Muvattupuzha, Kerala, India